Orthodontist & Invisalign Practitioner



It is preferable to see the children from 8 -9 years, right after the eruption of the maxillary incisors. Depending on the severity of the malocclusion, it is necessary to do an early treatment, called interception, meaning, before all the baby teeth have fallen out.

This helps to correct problems with the growth of the jaws that compromise the dental alignment and good jaw health. Dental alignment is done later with Invisalign gutters, or rings and brackets, which can be made of ceramic or metal.

ORTHODONTIE D’INTERCEPTION plaque palatine de hawley

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics consist in early care of children when this is necessary. Since the cooperation of our young patients is an important variable in the success of the treatment, we prefer to start the treatment between 6 and 9 years of age (no psychoaffective component as in teenagers) in order to put them back into a healthy growth pattern and thus avoid treatment with rings that are too long and often require compromises such as tooth extractions.

We usually use simple equipment for the youngest, and for children of 8 -9 years we recommend a 6-month rapid interception phase using orthodontic rings.

Orthodontics in adolescents

Orthodontics in adolescents usually corresponds to the installation of a dental appliance that coincides with the installation of the last permanent teeth.

The implementation of a ring treatment allows the alignment of the teeth but also good coincidence between the dental in order to offer our young patients a transition to adulthood in the best possible conditions.


ADULT ORTHODONTICS, management of the overall aesthetics of the smile

Adult Orthodontics is becoming more generally available thanks in particular to technological advances. The use of invisible techniques such as Lingual Orthodontics or Alignor Orthodontics has allowed adults to be treated without social impact. In addition, planning 3D using processing allows faster and more successful treatments.

We carry out short treatments for adults (under 6 months for minor corrections or re-treatment) but also longer treatments that require greater correction. In the event that the dental problem is associated with a jaw-related problem and/ or problem of facial dysharmony, we can perform orthosurgical treatment. We work with the most established brand in the world: INVISALIGN.

Orthodontic treatment can be supplemented with hyaluronic acid injections to repulp the lips, and/or dental whitening for a radiant and rejuvenated smile.


1) Chin

The goal is to get a pulpous lip. The emphasis is on obtaining the most natural result possible. The aim is to correct possible asymmetries or lips that are too thin. You can hem the lip to redraw it, but also increase the volume if it is insufficient.
The results last about a year.

Procedure of the session: :
  • Disinfection of the lips
  • Contact anaesthesia for 30 to 60 min
  • Injection of the product also containing an anaesthetic to reduce pain.
After the procedure :

There may be swelling for 2 to 4 days after the procedure. It is recommended to apply ice to reduce this oedema. The result is immediate. A 10 day meeting is scheduled to evaluate the outcome after the oedema has disappeared, to add product if necessary.

2) Wrinkles around the mouth:

This product can also be used to fill wrinkles around the lips.
Note: Some cases requiring surgery cannot be treated with hyaluronic acid injections. During the first consultation, the practitioner will assess the feasibility of the injections and suggest the best solution.


This technique of brightening the tint of teeth is possible provided that the teeth are healthy. The suitability of this technique is assessed at the first appointment by the practitioner.

There are several techniques :

  • Laser armchair: not applied in our practice because it is too aggressive for teeth and results are less stable over time.
  • Ambulatory technique with lightening gutters: Every evening, for 7 to 14 nights, the patient wears gutters with a specific product to whiten the teeth.

This second technique is certainly more laborious for you, patients, but it is the one that is healthier for the teeth, and the one whose results last the longest. Whatever the aesthetic project, the priority is to keep the teeth healthy. A check-up is carried out before the cosmetic projects are undertaken, and you will be referred to your dentist if treatment is to be considered.


During an aesthetic dental consultation, some of our patients who want to regain a harmonious smile may have a dental problem that is in fact only the repercussions of a problem of bad positioning or jaw shift. (Insufficient chin, large gingival smile).

This anomaly very often has repercussions on the face. In this specific case we work hand in hand with a Maxillofacial Surgeon to give our patient a face that will match his or her new smile.


When the teeth are aligned and properly nested, the stabilization phase known as restraint begins: for the lower teeth, it is recommended to use a small metal arch glued behind the incisors and canines. This arch should be kept for as long as possible. Because teeth remain mobile throughout our lives, only this restraint will guarantee the durability of an orthodontic treatment.

For upper teeth, it is recommended to wear a container in the form of a transparent gutter at all times (except for eating) for 4 to 5 months after removal of the active appliance and at night for the following 4 to 5 months. These precautions may not be sufficient, and it is possible that the upper incisors may move. A fibreglass splatter embedded in a composite glue can then be put in place.